Redefining Work-Life Balance

One-Minute Tools to Manage Stress, Achieve More & Enjoy Life Every Day

Too many academics and HR departments have defined work-life balance in superficial ways that make it unattainable, undesirable, or both. Common sense dictates that if something you desire is ill-defined or “impossible,” your outcomes will be disappointing and potentially even harmful. But sadly, common sense hasn’t been common practice.

Redefining Work-Life Balance is about creating life-altering, positive results. These pages convey a way to deliver powerful results using simple, one-minute tools proven to enhance life balance and enjoyment. The outcome is reduced stress, increased achievement, and more joy every day – for the rest of your life!


Jim Bird has consulted with hundreds of companies and coached tens of thousands of individuals to successfully create more achievement, joy, and positive balance in their personal and professional lives. A recognized pioneer in work-life balance he is the founder and CEO of WorkLifeBalance and a regular speaker and author who is frequently cited in major media including the front page of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, the LA Times, Huffington Post and Forbes. Jim’s passion for work-life balance began as a college research project focused on developing know how and tools to excel in building a career and enjoying life’s journey. Growing a startup from three individuals to a team of 250 and generating over $100 million in sales he further refined and developed these tools in the real world. Jim is married with two daughters and lives in Atlanta, GA . He is an avid saltwater fisherman and loves spending his free time fishing the Florida flats.


Discover and enjoy easy-to-learn concepts with practical applications to:

  • Avoid the “As soon as…” trap to enjoy life every day
  • Establish a ‘Way of Living’ Goal – A powerful tool for crafting how you live on a daily basis
  • Accomplish your work-life priorities faster… and with less stress!
  • Find a more rewarding and happier balance in all your relationships
  • Master the emotion-decision link with your personal emotional management tool

My promise to you is that by applying these proven tools, you will create immediate positive outcomes, personally and professionally. More importantly, based on the feedback I have received across demographics, countries, and cultures, I expect that you too will retain and use your favorite tools along with your re-definition of work-life balance to be happier, less stressed, and more fulfilled over your lifetime.

Let’s turn the page and redefine work-life balance in a way that works for you!

Accolades for Redefining Work-Life Balance


A world leader in building materials takes the next step in Work and Life Training.


Lafarge’s operations have the urgent demands and stresses of the deadline driven construction business.  When Pete Turco took over as head of HR in the Midwest he became aware of the work-life balance concerns of its managers and employees. There were two key needs.  One was to address the constant demand on every individual to do more with less on the job.  The second, the desire of Lafarge to grow as an employer of choice everywhere it operates, required more recognition of people’s family and personal lives.  After Pete made the rest of the executive team aware of the bottom line value of better managing these challenges, the Business Unit (BU) president came to Pete, and said, “We’ve recognized the importance.  Now give us some tools to do something about it.”


Given these objectives, a member of his staff did the research and presented Pete with several options. “It became very clear that had the best tools…and that’s what we were looking for”, Pete states. “Specific skills people could and would use in their everyday lives.” The availability of not only live training, but also web-based and the monthly newsletter proved to be a big plus. “We were able to introduce the program in a relatively low key manner on the web, while still getting immediate and ongoing impact in multiple ways.”


As word of the program spread, other regions expressed interest.  When Pete took over responsibilities for the US East Business Unit (BU), he expanded the impact of the training.  There was interest from sales management in improving everyone’s time management skills for their job and for their life.  WLB’s 5 Steps to Better Time Management program fit that dual purpose, work and life-learning objective.
Lafarge delivered these time management skills with a blended learning approach: live sessions followed by web-based training.  All of the senior BU team attended the training. The results were impressive. 100% recommended expanding the program within Lafarge. All written feedback rated the results as either Excellent or Outstanding. “And the individual feedback was even more impressive than the written”, says Mike Kanlic, Lafarge sales manager. “The results are so worthwhile, it is very easy to support.”
Pete recommended internal trainer certification as a way to expand the program for the rest of sales, distribution, BU staff and manufacturing. Despite beginning a cost cutting campaign, Joe Goss, president of the BU, had a four letter response: “ASAP”. Lafarge now has five WLB certified internal trainers delivering 5 Steps to Better Time Management to all managers and employees in the US East BU.
“The ongoing blended learning makes the skill set stick. It has become a common language we continue to use to get things done. You hear and see the tools applied in every meeting”, Turco says. “They have become part of the fabric of how we do business.”


Pete points out that organizations hire people not employees. People come with baggage, meaning family-friends-self desires and demands.”WLB’s time management training gives managers and employees the skills they need to manage and balance it all. More efficiency in handling work issues individually; A common language for the team to get things done faster; Better abilities to handle and make the most of the personal sides of life, which means more focus at work. The result”, Pete says, “is more achievement and enjoyment in all the areas of life. Everybody wins.”


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Release Date: April 30, 2019