Redefining Work-Life Balance

One-Minute Tools to Manage Stress, Achieve More & Enjoy Life Every Day

Yes – There Is Work-Life Balance! … but it’s probably not what you think.
Too many academics and HR departments have defined work-life balance in superficial ways that make it unattainable, undesirable, or both. Common sense dictates that if something you desire is ill-defined or “impossible,” your outcomes will be disappointing and potentially even harmful. But sadly, common sense hasn’t been common practice.

Jim Bird has consulted with hundreds of companies and coached tens of thousands of individuals to successfully create more achievement, joy, and positive balance in their personal and professional lives. A recognized pioneer in work-life balance he is the founder and CEO of WorkLifeBalance and a regular speaker and author who is frequently cited in major media including the front page of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, the LA Times, Huffington Post and Forbes. Jim’s passion for work-life balance began as a college research project focused on developing know how and tools to excel in building a career and enjoying life’s journey.